Stop dieting-Health Coaching Services

Free yourself from endless dieting!

We count steps, and calories, miles and pounds, carbs and fats. We restrict, deny and force ourselves into the boxes created by others who tell us they know more than us about how to be healthy. But dieting doesn’t produce sustainable results and often any weight lost is gained back and then some. Not to mention the guilt of breaking a diet-who needs that!

Using the principles of mindfulness and mindful eating, I help my clients break free from the diet cycle, learn to re-connect with their internal wisdom, and achieve their  goals for long term health and well-being.

Working with me you can achieve your health goals by:

Learning to understand and heal your relationship with food, without restrictions or dieting

Learning to seperate facts from fiction about good nutrition

Becoming more active in ways that are enjoyable and effective

Managing stress and emotional triggers that can sabotage healthy habits